Friday, May 13, 2016

On 10:41 AM by Jenn   5 comments

There it is folks, the final episode (finally!). I'm sorry i've been missing for a few months but I was dealing with some health issues that kept me away. Hope you guys enjoyed the season.

As for the next project, which is suppose to be Lynch, I am still planning on taking that on but as of right now i'm not sure when.

Those who are waiting for Nano updates, the translator Rosseline has informed me that the project is currently on pause but not abandoned. And as for Sos Mi Vida,  updates should come soon.


Jehane Zorayan said...

We are sorry to hear that you had health problems, we hope and pray you have totally recovered. Thank you for all your great work!

Lyndy Mac said...

I hope you are well! Thank you so much for this final episode. Are you going to miss working so closely with Yon, lol? Really appreciate how you got me through El Internado and Bajo. Good luck with school, work and take care of yourself.

Sarah Seitz said...

Hi! Thanks so much for doing this! One question: it seemed like maybe the video skipped something when they were explaining how Alicia died? Did we miss something or did they really just not address this?

GeneSleuth said...

Hi, I would love to join the group and learn how to watch. Thanks so much!

Nazim Sarica said...

Please please can you continue working on SOS Mi Vida pleeeaaase! I just cannot stress enough how much I love it and would appreciate if you continue translating.. please can you let us know when you will start??

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