Wednesday, August 26, 2015

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Okay guys, so I have decided on two projects, each with relatively few episodes. I will first be working on the first season of Bajo Sospecha since it's only 8 episodes. A second season has been confirmed but it's not out yet.

After i'm done with that, I will be working on the first season of Lynch starring Natalia Oreiro. You can learn more about both below.

Bajo Sospecha : Under Suspicion
1 season. 8 episodes.
Thriller/ Police procedural

 Little Alicia Vega went missing during a boisterous party in the midst of her family. Has she been kidnapped? And if so, by a guest or even by a member of the reputable Vega family? Acting swiftly, the police assign two undercover agents, Victor and Laura, to infiltrate the family circle. Though they pretend to be married, they have little in common. While the impulsive Victor could care less about discipline, straitlaced Laura prefers to work by the book. 
Time is of the essence, since motives suggesting foul play are spreading out from the Vega family like metastases that can no longer be kept under control. All suspects. All liars. All guilty?

3 seasons. 22 episodes.
Black comedy

Funeral home owner Jerónimo Lynch is at the brink of bankruptcy when his long lost wife shows up with an offer he can't refuse: a million dollars in exchange for faking her death. This is the beginning of a new business partnership as they help fake the deaths of people who are looking for a clean slate.


Lila said...

You are an absolute doll! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! I can't wait till the first installment of Bajo.

Lyndy Mac said...

This is very exciting! Yay, thank you Jennifer.

Μελίνα Σπανού said...

You're amazing, Jenn. I love your work -Chrissa-

Lila said...

I can't wait for you to finish Bajo episode 1. yay!

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