Friday, July 17, 2015

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There is a new Portuguese mini-series being translated by Rosseline called O Super Sincero, which you can stream on dailymotion.

I have replaced Muneca Brava episodes 181 and 84 with new links. I had problems hardsubbing 84 so you will have to watch that one with soft subs. A tutorial for that is located here.

The high quality raw Padre Coraje videos I found turned out to be edited so they're no use to me. I have been given others but they are of extremely low quality. I'm not sure whether to just hardsub those despite that or hold out for better quality. Feel free to let me know what you think.


missy said...

hello!I've watched Padre Coraje, thanks to you I was able to understand it since Spanish is not my language. Since then, I've been addicted to watching films of Facundo Arana.There is this one telenovela which I can't find one with english sub,it's the series 099 Central.Hope you can have it also with english subtitle.Thank you.

missy said...

I also wish you can have all films of Facundo Arana with english subtitles.Thank you.

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