Friday, June 5, 2015

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Hello everyone (particularly Ivan lovers)! There is a new fantastic fansite for Yon Gonzalez dedicated to bringing you all the latest news, images, and interviews about Yon in English:

Also, if interested, make sure you subscribe to their youtube channel for more upcoming subbed videos.

One of Yon's series, Gran Hotel, can now be fully streamed on Netflix with English subtitles. It was actually one of the projects I was thinking of taking on in the future but given that all three seasons have now been released, there's no point in it. It's very entertaining and Yon in particular is a stand out so check it out if you can!


Lyndy Mac said...

Thanks for subbing the interviews Jenn. I really enjoyed finally understanding what they are saying. Now that EI is winding down and I've watched all of GH I need this! Helps with the withdrawal...

Lila said...

Thank you so much Jenn! You are truly wonderful. There are so many interviews with Yon that I have watched.. literally watched.. without understanding. While its great to look at his gorgeous face, I would really like to understand what he is saying too. He seems funny. :-)

TAd said...

Thank you so so much for all you;ve done.
I am in Malaysia and thanks to you, I know of this great series El Internado, and this great actor Yopn Gonzalez. I just wish that Netflix is available in my country just so that we can watch Gran Hotel, but I suppose we have to wait until when it is avalaible.
But again, Thank You so much. God bleass you.

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