Tuesday, May 12, 2015

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Lila said...

Thank you Jenn! This is wonderful. I find myself liking the character of Martin more and more. I was very disappointed in Rebecca. I think if I were Martin, I would find it hard to forgive her.. or at the very least, I would not forget so easily. Also, I was really sad for Ivan.. he loves Julia so much.. to see her hating him, and thinking he is not worth it, must tear him up inside. And we forget that he is just a kid.. So many emotions running through me.. Can't wait for the next episode.

Jenn said...

You're welcome Lila!

I don't blame Rebecca for thinking Martin could have stolen the medicine. This is the same man who kidnapped his own son. And he DID steal one of the medicine. He's proven that he's capable of doing some awful things "for his son".

Trying to kill Hugo though, that's a stretch. It doesn't even make sense. What reason would Martin have to kill him, much less risk so much to do so?

But again, I just don't blame her for being unsure what to believe. It's not like they've been together for years. And even then, i doubt his ex-wife would have thought him capable of running off with their child. But he did.

Lila Feisee said...

Hi Jenn, I know Martin had done questionable things, but stealing all the medicine and sacrificing the lives of all of those infected people is a something Rebecca should have known he could never do. I am not so much worried that she would think he tried to kill Hugo. Hugo was a Nazi murderer.. I would not have blamed anyone for going after him. As Amelia found out it was either go after him, or get killed.

Lyndy Mac said...

I understood why Rebecca didn't want to touch Martin because she wanted her trust to be inherent...but she should of just grabbed Hugo to get the story...no?
I'm really focused on Ivan and Julia anyway.
Can't wait for more, thanks Jenn. From the title of episode 7 it should be thrilling!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for translating all these, I'm a huge fan of the show. Are you going to post these on youtube? The app doesn't work on my iPad.

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