Monday, April 20, 2015

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Hey guys. I'm pleased to tell you that I will be uploading the telenovela Nano for your viewing pleasure. This is NOT my project, I am simply hardsubbing and uploading it.
All credit for translations, timing, and qc go to the lovely ladies Rosseline, florerr, and Monica. So any questions or comments regarding this show should be addressed to them in the comments.

I had to edit a few scenes out of the first part due to audio copyright so you will see some abrupt scene transitions. 

Speaking of copyright, i've been forced to delete all seasons of El internado from youtube, except for the 7th one. One more strike and my youtube account will be deleted, which I really don't want to happen. Once i'm done with the 7th season, i'll delete that one as well. So all the seasons will only be streamable on dailymotion.


Lila said...

Thanks Jenn for the update on El Internado. I am glad that we still have Dailymotion to turn to. Can you explain a bit more in detail why YouTube won't allow this, but Dailymotion will?

Waiting for bated breath for 7x04.

Lila said...

I forgot to ask, you will also have all of the seasons of El Internado on your site as well? Correct?

Jenn said...

It's not youtube who won't allow it but the company who owns the show. Either they don't know about dailymotion or they don't care because it's not as popular as youtube.

But they just had youtube take down one of the videos so that's strike 2 for me. One more and my account will be gone :(

Yes all seasons will be on my site.

Lyndy Mac said...

Oh that's a shame Jenn. Well I'm so thankful you let us download your work. I too can't wait...I keep watching the percentage and thinking too bad Jenn has a

Lila Feisee said...

You and me both Lyndy Mac. I do the same. You wouldn't know it, but I actually have a life. A very busy one at that.. but that doesn't stop me from obsessing about my guilty pleasure.

And thanks for the explanation Jenn. As long as I know I can watch anytime from your site, I will be ok. And of course Dailymotion too.. I was going to mention Dailymotion on my facebook group for Yon that I created. Right now its a small group, but at some point it may get bigger. I figure if it stays within a small group, it should be ok. right?

FATMAH said...

Thank you so much ❤❤❤❤❤

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