Friday, March 13, 2015

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That's it for season 6. Now we're moving on to the final season. Hold on to your seats people :)

I'm working on translating the secret archives right now. I'm doing them before finishing the series because that's how they were meant to be seen.

And here's a cute interview with Ana de Almas about what happens to Carol


Lyndy Mac said...

That was great, they wrapped up some of the story lines but created new drama...I am holding onto my seat and my breath for the next season. Looking forward to Ivan and Julia's romance developing! The interview was very sweet...

Lila Feisee said...

Thank you so much for doing this Raven.. You are wonderful. I have fallen in love with the series and especially the character of Ivan!! He is fabulous. I appreciate you translating the series into English. I have a very limited understanding of Spanish so you subtitles help me alot. I can't wait to see season 7! It's my favorite so far. Do you translate other shows? There is one called Bajo Sospecha which the actor who plays Ivan is also in.. Yon Gonzalez. He is wonderful!!! Thanks again. Lila

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