Wednesday, May 14, 2014

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I think I hit my head and have a concussion because...i'm contemplating translating Sos Mi Vida! That is if I find HQ downloads which seem to be impossible right now. Does anyone have them?

Before you guys start throwing the confetti, you need to know that if I decide to do this:

  • It will be as a SIDE PROJECT. My priority will always be El Internado and any other show we take on in the future. This means releases will NOT BE FREQUENT. I will commit to a minimum of one episode per month. 
  • I don't want people rushing me, that includes asking me when the next episode will be released. This is how that makes me feel 

  • Lastly, I CANNOT PROMISE TO COMPLETE THIS PROJECT. I might find it to be too difficult for me to do and just drop it. So you need to know there's a chance you won't get the whole novela translated.

If this project ends up being a go and you would like to help with either translating or timing, drop me an email at


group 3 rizal said...

I have recently finished watching muneca brava from your youtube site and i'm very thankful that you have also started translating sos mi vida in english. Thank you so much. I'm one of the many many many people who are grateful for having found your youtube site. I hope you will be able to finish putting english sub titles to sos mi vida without great difficulty. I don't care if you finish it next year or in year 2030. I just want you to know how happy i am that you have started translating sos mi vida and have found out that you uploaded a new episode recently. Thanks and god bless you.

شيرى المصرية said...

i hope u finish the subtitle pleeeeeeeeeez
i'm dying to see it
please make it for your fans

ビギタシャ said...

Hi, I recently finished watching the SMV series on your youtube channel! Thanks a lot for your hard work and time :)
Hmm, I've been continuing the series through the youtube channel called 'Natalia Oreiro'. They have them without subtitles with a pretty good qualiy and they also seem to dub the series. So, I'm assuming it's a fan-made channel. Perhaps they'd be willing to provide their videos?

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