Wednesday, May 28, 2014

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You're welcome ;)

Online Streaming:

I had this private by mistake, oops! Let's try this again.Any theories or comments on the show so far? Feel free to post them here.

Also putting another reminder out there: If anyone has high quality Sos Mi Vida episodes, please send them my way.


Μελίνα Σπανού said...

Hey Jenn, I am downloading Sos mi vida from a youtube channel which are on HD. I have till episode 80 but I think you could download them too from there. I hope it helps.

Jenn said...

The thing is that the youtube videos download in .mp4 format and I need them in .avi to harsub. I tried converting them with two different programs and the outcome isn't that great. But if nothing else comes up, it will have to do. Thanks :)

Μελίνα Σπανού said...

I know that and it does not help me so much neither. I need to convert them back to avi or to wmv. I have various converters. Did you try with Freemake program?

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