Thursday, December 9, 2010

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I usually don't watch Spanish language shows unless they're heavy on the romance but as it turns out, i'm head over heels in lust with Nicolas Cabre *siiiiiigh* and will watch anything he's in. Anything. Thus why I gave this show a chance. Glad I did because I really enjoyed it and completely fell for the two lead characters. They had some great chemistry and banter, which always gets me. Sooo I decided to translate this a while back :)

This mini series (Only 4 episodes) was very successful so it was turned into a telenovela which i'm now watching. It's a lot funnier and romantic. The characters are also more fleshed out since there's a lot more time to develop them. If anyone speaks Spanish, I recommend it. Maybe once i'm done with MB, i'll pick this up as a side project. Not sure.

In the mini series, it is Adrian Suar's character that shines brightest (for me anyway) but in the telenovela, it's all Cabre all the time! :D Example 1 where he's all heartbroken over his ex marrying someone else. She lets it slip that perhaps she's not with that guy by choice and he begs her to be honest with him *Siiiigh*
Anyway, enjoy!


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