Thursday, November 11, 2010

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Those who want to discuss the final episode, I opened a post for it in the forum

Oh my god, this is so surreal! I have to say, there were many times when I thought I would never get to finish this and so I have to thank all the people who helped make this possible:

- All the translators who busted their ass week after week (Antigone, Cristina, Claudiapet)

- Claudia and Lucy for being kind enough to upload Episodes on youtube.
- Everyone who has and is currently helping me re-sub the episodes I lost.
- And last but not least, those of you guys who were always patient and grateful. I've met some really great people :)

The Future
Right now we are planning to finish Amanda O as well as put up the episodes of MB that are missing. After that, we will be taking on a new project. I'm going to say this right away since I know this is something that keeps popping up...we will not be doing Sos mi vida. A project of that size would require another longtime commitment (I'm talking years) and i'm not willing to do that as of now. So i'm looking for telenovelas or shows that are not too long.

They forced me to put in 2 options on the poll so just ignore them, click other and write down your suggestion. Once we make a final decision, you'll be the first to hear about it :)


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